Students in grades Kindergarten through Eight wear uniform dress to school daily.  

Please see the guidelines as outlined below:

  1. Uniforms will be worn by all students in grades Kindergarten through Eight.
  2. Uniform polo shirts with logo, hoodies with logo and zippered jackets with logo will be purchased directly from Emmaus Lutheran School. (A procedure will be outlined below).
  3. Uniform bottoms may be purchased at any store, but must strictly adhere to outlined guidelines below:
  • Girls may wear long pants, walking shorts, skorts, jumpers or skirts.
    • Colors will include gray, burgundy, black, navy or khaki.
  • Boys may wear long pants, or walking shorts.
    • Colors: gray, navy, black or khaki
  • The official Emmaus plaid may be worn as any part of the uniform.
  • Shorts, skirts, jumpers and shorts may be no more than two inches above the knee.
  • Outerwear: sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, & zipper sweatshirts must be solid color in gray, burgundy, navy, black, or white.
  • Shoes (girls and boys) must be closed toe/heel, and suitable for play, PE, or running. (Athletic type shoes).
  • Socks may be any solid color in burgundy, black, gray, navy or white. No designs or logos are permitted on tights.
  • All clothing must be free of rips, tears or holes, and neat and pressed in appearance.
  • No jean materials permitted, even if in the acceptable colors.
  • Chapel attire (worn for singing in church, chapel days, and special occasions):
    • A white, button down shirt with collar (long or short sleeve), worn tucked in unless specifically designed to be worn outside (no shirt tails hanging out)
    • Girls: Skirt, skort or jumper in gray, black, navy, khaki, or Emmaus plaid.
    • Boys: Long pants or walking shorts (no basketball shorts allowed) in gray, black, navy, or khaki.
    • Criss-cross tie or regular tie (in plaid or burgundy color only)
    • Solid colored sweater (cardigan or pull-over) in burgundy, gray, black, navy or white. Pull over sweaters may be worn under the shirt or over. 
  • PE Uniforms for grades 5-8 (students change into P.E. uniforms for P.E. classes)

Emmaus Non-Uniform Days

  • Students, when adhering to outlined guidelines, may participate in free dress days, $1 Dress Days, Spirit Days or Special Wear Days. Students not abiding by the guidelines may be charged for a school uniform shirt or parents will be asked to provide a school uniform for that day.  Students who do not follow the guidelines may lose the privilege of non-uniform days.

  • Free Dress/$1 Dress Days:

    • Students may wear non-uniform polos, t-shirts, and jeans (long pants or shorts). Even though fashionable, no holes in jeans.

    • Shorts must be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

    • Clothing may have appropriate pictures or logos (nothing offensive or distasteful).

    • Outerwear and sweaters may be worn as outlined above.

    • Sports uniforms (partial or entire) are not permitted.

    • Shoes as outlined above.

  • Spirit Days:

    • Students may wear student council spirit shirts with jeans (short or long). Even though fashionable, no holes in jeans.

    • Outerwear and sweaters may be worn as out outlined above.

    • If not participating in a Spirit Shirt day by No other t-shirts, shirts, or clothing items are permitted, except for school uniform.

  • Special Wear Days:

    • Special wear days may include wearing a special themed-costume, special colors or color combinations, or specifically outlined outfits.

    • Guidelines will generally be given for these days.

    • Jeans (long or short) will be permitted on these days. Even though fashionable, no holes in jeans.

    • Those students who wish not to participate must wear their school uniform.

    • Student participation is encouraged.

Purchasing Procedures for Parents

  • You may fill out an uniform order form from the front office and the order will be filled as soon as possible. The uniforms will be given to the student to take home.

Emmaus Lutheran School Uniform Refund Policy:  Realizing that Emmaus is not a store, and there is limited availability in the order process to try on garments, Emmaus Lutheran will accept uniforms back for exchange or return.  Garments must be unwashed, unworn and new for exchange or return, and must be returned to the school office within two operating business days of orders being fulfilled.  There is NO RETURN OR EXCHANGE of items given to a student who is out of dress code compliance. Parent will be charged for said item.

Dress Code Violation Policy:  Emmaus Lutheran School believes in the use of school uniforms and dress code as part of its overall philosophy.  That being the case, students are expected to be in compliance with the dress code/uniform code at all times.  Those that are in violation of the dress code will be sent to the office.  A UNIFORM VIOLATION FORM will be given to students who are sent to the office for non-compliance to the uniform or dress code policies.  Parents will be asked to purchase proper attire from the school or may be given the option to bring proper attire for the student, during which time the student will remain in the school office until student is in proper attire.  Upon a student receives the third UNIFORM VIOLATION FORM during the current school year, a meeting between the student, a parent/guardian, and the principal will be scheduled in order to discuss the violations and rectify the situation.





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