Program Overview

Learn English and study in the United States! Emmaus Lutheran School accepts students from First Grade to Eighth Grade into our International Program. Upon receipt of the application, behavior contract and tuition contract, the form I-20 will be issued by the school. This form is one of the steps needed in order to issue an F-1 student visa, and must be obtained before a child can study in the school. What makes our program unique from other I-20 programs is that everything is included in one price! Our fees include all books, materials and entrance fees. It also provides hot lunch on school days, before and after school care, and entrance to local classroom field trips. We have a full-time ELL teacher on campus, and students will go to ELL every day as part of their regular curriculum. Please read the detailed information about our program. Campus tours are available. Students must be born on or after August 1, 2004 in order to be eligible to study at Emmaus Lutheran School. Housing is not provided. Please call and speak with Mrs. Hittinger for more details.

General Purpose

Emmaus Lutheran School is a ministry of Emmaus Lutheran Church of Alhambra, California. The school’s
mission is to help young people, through God’s Grace, to lead active Christian lives and to excel academically, socially, and spiritually. Emmaus wishes to share the love of Jesus and the well rounded gift of knowledge to students in other countries. These students will come to Emmaus and be exposed to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, while continuing to be come a successful student. These students will return home and be able to share their experiences and their faith with family and friends.

Benefits of Choosing Emmaus Lutheran School

Emmaus Lutheran School offers a wide range of benefits for international students who choose to attend. In addition to having the highest accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA), Emmaus only hires teachers who have a passion for teaching and a passion for Christ. International students will be treated with care and concern, and given assignments that facilitate academic growth. They will interact with students, teachers, and staff members on a daily basis, allowing them to grow socially, gain a better understanding and ability to use the English language, and participate in a variety of activities that will further help them to become well-rounded adults. Most importantly, international
students will have the opportunity to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Authorization and Guidelines

Emmaus Lutheran School is authorized through the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) and Homeland
Security to issue the Form I-20 and accept full-time international students from any country. Emmaus has chosen to accept students in grades 1-8. International students are subject to the same rules and expectations as domestic students. Please note that there are separate costs (as outlined in the Financial Information) for attending Emmaus as a full-time international student.

English Language Learners

Emmaus Lutheran School offers a separate English Language Learners (ELL) class, taught by a qualified ELL instructor. All new students will report daily to the ELL class, and it will be determined by the ELL instructor and the classroom teacher at one point a student no longer needs to attend the ELL class. ELL will either be a pull out class during the regular school day, or will be offered directly after school hours, depending on the situation. It is the goal of Emmaus Lutheran School to mainstream all international students into the regular education classroom full time, but it is a higher goal that the English language is mastered, so that learning in the United States can be optimal.


All students who begin at Emmaus Lutheran School are on an eight week probationary period. The purpose
of the probation period is to ensure that the student shows adequate motivation for success. It is the desire of Emmaus Lutheran School to ensure that each student that attends the school work to be successful at both mastery of the English language and academic requirements. A separate Probation Period Notification Form is to be signed before the Form I-20 will be issued.
Returning students and parents will sign an annual Behavior Contract, also outlining the expectations of the student. Please note that Emmaus reserves the right to dismiss an international student from school if the expectations are not being followed, and attempts to help the student are not well-received or effective. Please note that if a student is dismissed, no refunds on tuition/fees will be given.

Conditions and Fees

Fees are outlined on the financial information sheet. Emmaus Lutheran School has an inclusive tuition rate for its international students. The rate, while higher than the standard tuition rate, provides for the added time commitment involved in handling international students as well as the ELL instruction and other benefits in place.
Emmaus will make every attempt to help new international students adjust to his or her new surroundings.
A “buddy” is generally assigned to a new international student to help with acclimation to Emmaus. The classroom teachers, the ELL instructor, the administration and the staff are all committed to personally help new students transition to the Emmaus environment on an as needed basis, and will
communicate regularly about progress.

Tuition and Fees include the following:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • A Bible
  • All Textbooks and Classroom Materials
  • An Assignment Notebook
  • Daily Hot Lunch (on days when available for all students)
  • Regular Classroom Field Trips (excluding extended trips for grades 5-8)
  • Technology Usage/Instruction


Tuition and Fees do NOT include the following:

  • Lunch on minimum, field trip days or on days when hot lunch is not provided
  • Extended or Overnight field trips (those fees will be assessed separately at time needed)
  • Graduation Fee (eighth grade only)
  • Tutoring
  • School Uniforms

In order to process the Form I-20 application and subsequent SEVIS paperwork and mandates, the registration fee and international fee must be paid at the time of processing. These fees are non-
refundable, regardless of whether a student visa is approved or not. Each year, these two fees will need to be paid as part of the regular school fees. The tuition, lunch, and technology fees are to be paid in full prior to initial attendance. Emmaus Lutheran School makes financial commitments each school year based on the number of students in attendance. When a student leaves Emmaus during the school term, there is increased difficulty in meeting our various financial responsibilities. Your financial obligation to Emmaus Lutheran School is for the full amount listed on the tuition contract and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Tutoring and Student Progress

All international students are required to have an outside tutor to help assist with language acclimation and homework. Emmaus has tutors available for an additional fee that will be recommended to our international students. If the Emmaus tutors are unavailable, it is asked that approval of an outside tutor be provided by the school administration. Understand that depending on how developed the student’s language skills are, a modified curriculum/report card may be used. This means that a student may not be mastering all subject matter, but at first will instead be working on mastering language skills. Each student will be assessed on an individual basis, and parents/guardians will be kept informed about the expectations. Emmaus uses an online grading program called “Gradelink.”
All students are assigned a password, and parents (even outside of the United States) have
access to student grades at any time.


Emmaus Lutheran School is not in the business of housing, and does not provide this service for its international students. This responsibility is up to the parents of the international student. Current and accurate housing information must be given to the school as a student enters, and updates must be provided if changes are made.
Emmaus requires that if someone other than the parent will be hosting the student while here in the United States, a notarized letter/document granting permission to the guardian to make educational and medical decisions for the student is provided. Please note that Emmaus looks at the guardian as the go to contact for all communication from the school, unless otherwise noted. Guardians are required to follow all guidelines as a school parent.
In addition, proof of medical insurance is required for international students. Information will be given on the Emergency Form, but in addition, a copy of the medical form or proof of insurance is to be provided upon entrance to school. Health records are also to be provided and may be from the student’s native country, and evidence of a TB(Tuberculosis) test from the United States must be provided.


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