Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that there are always questions that come up, especially for our new families who may not be familiar with how everything works at Emmaus. You are always welcome to contact the school office. Below are a few of our most frequent questions.



Generally, parents will call to set an appointment with our principal, Mrs. Hittinger. Once you have seen the campus, then you can call to set up a screening appointment for your child.
When you come for the screening, you should have completed the ONLINE APPLICATION and the $50 screening fee to be paid at the time of screening, and a recent report card (if applicable).
Once screened, a determination of acceptance is given to the parent.

DRESS CODE ISSUES: What is the DRESS CODE on Minimum Days?

With the exception of the first day of school and Good Friday, students may wear FREE DRESS on minimum days. FREE DRESS is a non-uniform dress with guidelines that are outlined in our parent handbook. Modesty and decency are the two keys for FREE DRESS DAYS. Refer to the handbook for specific guidelines.

ENRICHMENT CLASSES: What type of ENRICHMENT CLASSES are available for my child?

Emmaus offers several options for Enrichment classes throughout the school year. Currently, the following are available for an additional fee: AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT CLASSES: Piano–Ms. Suki Lai of Ms. Lai’s Music Studio offers 15 plus years of experience teaching over 100 students the art of piano, including technique and theory. Annual recitals are presented each year in order to culminate the lessons taught. You may email Ms. Lai at or call at 626) 652-9933 for pricing and availability.  Art Class–Ms. Apple McKee, will be giving both beginning and advanced art lessons. Participants will learns skills in a variety of art mediums.  Classes are held on Mondays. Soccer–Soccer is offered by Super Soccer Stars.  Classes are held weekly.  For more information, you may see the website  Homework Help–Homework Help is available and taught by qualified teachers and personnel, small group lessons to aid with skills, remedial work and homework. Sessions are held from 3:15-4:15, Monday through Thursday. $15 per hour session. If you are interested you can receive a sign up sheet from your student’s teacher and we will get back to you.

EDC-OCCASIONAL USE: What is the charge for EDC for Occasional Use?

EDC has a rate for $10.00 per hour for occasional/ drop in students. 
If you see that you are using a lot of occasional use EDC, you may consider going to full time pricing.
See Ms. Rodriguez or Ms. Hayley to make this change, at any time during the school year.

In the morning, students may be dropped off as early as 7:00 a.m.
Students are released at 8:00 a.m. to go to their classrooms for school to begin at 8:15.
In the afternoon, day care ends at 6:30 p.m.

Any student on campus during EDC hours will be automatically placed into day care, unless it is obvious that a parent is with him or her.
It is asked that parents and students do not hang out behind classrooms, on playground equipment, or generally on campus after school hours.
Students are not permitted to wait in the parking lot, on the playground, or anywhere that a staff member is not present.
Students are not permitted to check themselves out of day care when picked up.


Emmaus offers several extra curricular activities for its students.
SPORTS–Offered in grades 5-8, girls and boys can participate on teams including volleyball, basketball, football, and track and field.
Cheer leading is available for girls in grade 7-8.
STUDENT COUNCIL–Activities planned include all students, but students in grades 4-8 may serve on the council or several committees that provide help and support for the students in school.
HAND BELLS–Beginning in grade 5, students are able to be in hand bell choirs.
CHOIR–Every student in school is involved in a choir.
DRAMA–Students have opportunities to try out for plays and do dramas with their classes throughout the year. We have a Christmas musical that students in grades 2-8 can audition for and a Variety Show that all students get to participate in.

FEVER: What if my child is SICK and has a FEVER?
If your child is sick, has thrown up in the morning, had a fever the night before that you have controlled with Tylenol, please do not bring him or her to school.
The child is sick and will either have to go home during the day, or will contaminate other students.
If your child has a FEVER, he or she may not be in school for 24 hours prior to the fever breaking. THIS IS STATE LAW.
We love your child, but must insist that these guidelines are followed.
HOMEWORK POLICY-SICKNESS: What is the HOMEWORK POLICY if my child is sick and unable to attend school?
The general rule for absent students is that they receive two school days to make up work for every one day absent.
Parents may request to pick up school work for a sick student, but needs to call and give advanced notice to the teacher. (call in the morning, pick up in the afternoon).
For students who are going to be gone on trips, advanced notice is required. The teacher should be notified whenever possible, at least two weeks prior to the trip, so that adequate planning/preparing can be completed.
It is at the discretion of the teacher as to what is due before a student leaves or what is due upon return.
HOT LUNCH: Does Emmaus offer a HOT LUNCH program?

Yes, Emmaus offers a hot lunch program. Emmaus partners with Ms. Amy of Hello Kitchen. Ms. Amy provides two meal choices for every regular school day. A monthly menu goes home and students choose what lunch choice is desired. The payment is handled directly through Ms. Amy. Any student without lunch will be provided by Hello Kitchen, and parents will be billed accordingly at a rate of $6.00 per meal.. There is NO MICROWAVE SERVICE available to students. The Emmaus lunch program is optional, and students are permitted to bring a sack lunch and/or thermos.

Emmaus may not give your child Over the Counter Medication of any type, nor may your child self-administer or have on campus Over the Counter Medication.
Again, this is STATE LAW.
If your child needs a PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION, you may bring it to the office (no student may keep it with him or her). There is a form that must be completed, and our office personnel will comply with what has been prescribed.
Prescription medications must be in the original container with the doctor’s instructions in tact.
Inhalers for chronic asthma will also be kept in the office, and a teacher may obtain it if needed during PE or on field trips.
EPI Pins are kept in the office.
MINIMUM DAYS: What is the EDC (EXTENDED DAY CARE) policy for Minimum Days?
On minimum days (noon dismissal), students may remain in EDC until their regular pick up time. There will be no charge for the minimum day IF a student is picked up by or before the end of the regular school day.
If the student is not picked up by the end of their regular school day, he or she will be charged for the care for the afternoon, if the student is not a full-time EDC student.

  In the morning, parents may use the front parking lot to drop off students to daycare (in the multipurpose room). Starting at 7:45 am the drive up lane will allow you to stop, drop and go. Enter Los Higos to access this lane. Once you drop, then you will proceed down to the regular exit on Almansor.  In the afternoons, parents will use the same driving lane to pick up their student. If picking up your child after the regular pick up time, then you will need to park and walk in to sign your student out of Day Care.  People who are not recognized may be required to show identification when picking up a student, and may only pick up if included on the student’s emergency form.  Parents wishing to add additional people authorized to pick up a student may do so through the school office. Sometimes students go home with other students or a person not on the list picks up a student.  A written, signed and dated note will suffice for these circumstances.  No verbal or phone authorization will be accepted.  

REGISTRATION/FEES: When are my REGISTRATION and FEES due, and where can I pay them?

  For Day School, there is a $470 registration fee and the $280 technology fee. If you are a new family who applies and is accepted after May 16, the fees are due upon acceptance. You may pay your registration fee and technology fee to the school or financial office. The school office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m., and the financial office is open Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. and on Friday, 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.


 Emmaus sells student uniforms for students in Grades K-8. Items included for purchase:

  1.  Student polo shirts with school logo
  2. Sweat shirts–both pull over and zipper with logo
  3. PE Uniforms for grades 5-8
  4. A limited number of plaid items may be purchased.
The SCREENING is not a test that a student studies for beforehand. The screening, depending on the grade level, is done with the intent to insure that a student is being placed in the correct grade level, and that Emmaus will be a good fit for the child. Generally, depending on the grade, teachers look for basic skill mastery, appropriate to the grade level, and communication skills.
Students being screened will be asked to go with the teacher, and the parent will remain in the school office.
Students should not feel fearful or anxious about the screening process. It is a good opportunity to meet and get to know the teacher.

Minimum days are issued into the school calendar for a variety of reasons.

Minimum days are used for teacher in-service and professional development time.  The time spent on this varies, but many times, teachers are given assignments to fulfill, tasks to learn, or they are meeting to better themselves professionally.  Because so many of our teachers wear other hats at school (coaching, leading choir, technology support, tutoring, student government, etc.) taking time for professional development outside of school hours is difficult.  The Board of School Ministries and the Administration feel that this time is well-served and important to keep our teachers up-to-date.


All 8th grade students are assessed a fee of $100.00 to cover graduation costs.  The fee include, but are not limited to, graduation cap and gown, diploma, diploma cover, alumni brick, class pictures, and school reception.  This fee is separate from any other costs of tuition and/or registration fees.  The graduation fee is due by February 1, and will increase to $110.00 if not paid by March 1.  The graduation fee may be paid at any time before the outlined deadlines.

Emmaus has a closed campus, except for during morning drop-off time, which is monitored by staff.  Anyone wishing to come on to the campus after 8:15 a.m. must enter through the church office (front office) door.

Every family is given a four-digit code that will allow access into the building and then on to the campus.  Please do not give this code to a child, or to someone other than those on your emergency form.  If you feel that for some reason your code has been compromised, contact the school office and a new one will be assigned to you. Codes will be given out in September.

Please be very careful as to allowing others to come in at the same time as you, without re-entering their own code.  If you are not sure of who is coming in after you, allow the door to close and let those behind you gain access on their own.  We won’t consider it rude; it is just being safe.

Those without a code will only be let in once speaking to someone via the monitor and camera.  ALL VISITORS MUST WEAR A VISITORS BADGE WHILE ON CAMPUS. Everyone must wear a mask as well.

No system is perfect, but we want to ensure that Emmaus is a safe place for our students!

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