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There are many Extra Curricular Activities and Enrichment Classes offered at Emmaus Lutheran School! It is the hope of the school that the needs of your child are met not only academically, but physically, socially and spiritually as well. We promote good sportsmanship and a variety of ways to help develop character, public speaking, and confidence. Please see the list below for a complete description of each activity.


Piano–Ms. Suki Lai of Ms. Lai’s Music Studio offers 15 plus years of experience teaching over 100 students the art of piano, including technique and theory. Annual recitals are presented each year in order to culminate the lessons taught. You may email Ms. Lai at sukilaikong@gmail.com or call at 626) 652-9933 for pricing and availability.

Soccer–Super Soccer Stars offers weekly soccer lessons, teachings basics and having fun. Fall Classes go from September 7 – Oct 6.

Tuesdays: Ages 5-9 (grades K-2) from 3:15-4:15 . Thursdays: Ages 9-12 (grades 4-6) from 3:15-4:15

Art Class–Ms. Apple McKee will be giving both beginning and advanced art lessons. Participants will learns skills in a variety of art mediums.  Classes will be on Mondays.

Homework Help–Homework Help is available and taught by qualified teachers and personnel, small group lessons to aid with skills, remedial work and homework. Sessions are held from 3:15-4:15, Monday through Thursday. $15 per hour session. 

Chess Club–Fridays after school

Choirs–All students in Grades K-8 sing in a choir. Choir is a pull out class once per week, and students work on songs that they sing for chapel services, church services, and school musicals and plays. Students are asked to come to the Emmaus church services 3-4 times per year to help aid with worship.

Worship Dancing–Girls in grades 4-6 can be a worship dancer. Working with the choir, these students aid with worship services and chapel, enhancing the music and the service with what they do.
Sports Programs-Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to represent Emmaus on a variety of sports teams that compete against other Lutheran and private schools in our area. Girls sports include volleyball in the fall and basketball in the winter. Boys sports include football in the fall and basketball in the winter. Both girls and boys participate in Track and Field in the spring.

Accelerated Reading–All students in grades K-8 participate in Accelerated Reading. This is an online program purchased by Emmaus that assigns levels to popular reading materials. Students are assessed at the beginning of each year, and again throughout to year to mark improvement. Students are given a reading level and may choose books in that level to read for points. After the completion of each book, an online test is taken to ensure understanding and comprehension. AR, as it is referred to, enhances students’ vocabulary skills and reading comprehension skills.

Mathletics–All students in grades K-8 have access and participate in Mathletics. This is an online program purchased by Emmaus to help enhance math skills and to practice math facts. Teachers set lessons and goals for each class using the Common Core Standards and California Standards. Students must complete certain lessons in order to proceed to the next level and/or to compete with other students around the world in mini math competitions. Prizes are awarded for level completions. Since this is a self-paced program, students may excel and go above grade level as necessary.

Student Government/Committees–Emmaus has an extensive student government program that has been in place for many years. Students in grades 7-8 may be officers on the student council, with elected positions for the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. There is a class representative elected in each classroom, grades 4-8. Students who do not win for an elected position during election time may serve as a Board of Directors Member on the council, as we want to encourage as many of our students as possible to participate in the program and show school spirit and gain leadership skills.
In addition, there are Commissioners for several groups that also serve on the student council board, with the task of not only leading the individual committee (see below), but to report to the council about what each committee is doing.
Committees include:
Worship Committee–Students make decision on what charitable organizations the chapel offerings go to each month, and decide on what service projects are completed.

Athletic Committee–Students make sure that classroom balls are supplied, pumped up and available for each class. These students are also responsible to help run the score clocks and do the statistics for games, ensure that the gym or field is prepared for sporting events, etc.
Newspaper Committee–Students create a school newspaper with information/articles pertaining to campus events, upcoming happenings and the like.
Spirit Committee–(members of the Cheer Squad) Students lead pep rally activities and help with planning spirit days, dances and activities that show school spirit.
SWS (Safety and Wellness) Committee–Students help lead Red Ribbon Week, put up safety posters, report hazards, help clean up around campus and any other special projects deemed necessary to make the campus safer and better.
Yearbook Committee–Students are selected by the adviser of this committee to help plan and execute the process of creating an annual school yearbook for the school. This committee does quite a bit of its work after school.
The Emmaus student government works together to help put together activities for ALL students in school, including the Fall Festival and Lutheran Schools Week.

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