Drop Off/Pick Up Process


Preschool/Kindergarten parents may park in two places:
1.  The parking lot behind the preschool on Los Higos is open in the morning hours from 7:00 a.m. until 9:15 a.m.  Parents may park on the basketball courts (parking lot) to walk students into the classrooms.  Parents are responsible to sign each student in on the sign-in/sign-out sheet, and may not just drop a student off and leave.  There is no staff supervision in this parking lot, so for everyone’s safety, thank you for being careful.2.  The parking lot in front of the school is also available for parking, and the lot is open all day.  Please see traffic patterns and parking rules below.STUDENTS ATTENDING MORNING EXTENDED DAY CARE:

The front parking lot is available for parents to park and walk students in to morning EDC.  Students are to be signed in, so there should be no drop off only.  Please follow the parking lot traffic patterns as outlined below.  EDC ends at 8:00 a.m.


Morning drop off is between 8:00-8:15 a.m. each morning.  Parents of students grades 1-8 who wish only to drop students off (not park) will enter into the parking lot off of Los Higos (next to Baldwin School).  Have students ready to exit the vehicle with bags in hand so that the process is swift.  Once the student is dropped off, you will merge with cars at the north end of the parking lot, and exit through the north exit.
Parents who wish to park and walk student into the campus may park on the west side of the parking lot (nearest Almansor).  No parent parking is allowed on the east side of the parking lot during the morning drop off times.  There are cones that help everyone understand this easily.
All students and parents walking on to campus during morning drop off may do so through the large gate open next to the church or by the gate near grade 6.  These gates will close at the start of school, and students must go through the church office and pick up a tardy slip before reporting to class.


All parents may use the front, Almansor parking lot to pick up students.  Both sides of the parking are available for parking.  All students who are picked up before the beginning of extended day care must be signed out in the classroom.  Students picked up during EDC hours are signed out in the multipurpose room.


Students that are NOT IN THEIR CLASSROOMS by 8:15 are considered tardy, and MUST receive a tardy slip before entering the room.  Mrs. Yau-Kun will be in the church office (Ms. Julie’s office) to issue tardy slips.  Tardies for being late due to oversleeping, traffic, etc. are not considered excused.  An excused tardy would be a doctor’s appointment or other unavoidable event.

If a student is tardy more than twice during a grading period, a letter will come home to remind parents and students that timeliness to school is important.  If a third or more tardy slips are distributed during a grading period, a meeting with the principal will be arranged.  Coming to school late sets the wrong tone for the day, causing undo angst to the student.  It disrupts the class and the teacher.  If it can be avoided, it is appreciated.  Teaching timeliness to a child is a life-long lesson.

Students who are picked up during the school day for appointments, etc., must be signed out through the school office.  Parents are not permitted to pick up students in the classroom during regular school hours.

Parents are not permitted to bring fast food lunch for students.  If a student has forgotten a lunch, a sack lunch may be brought to the school office and the student will be called to pick it up.


ONLY adults who are on a student’s emergency form will be allowed to pick up a student.  Identification may be requested before student release.

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