Curriculum and academics are valued at Emmaus Lutheran. Students not only learn the basics, but are also taught history and science on a daily basis, giving our students a well-rounded education. In addition, we partner with Beyond Technology to teach our children in grades K-8 Microsoft Office, including Word, Power Point, Excel and desktop publishing. Each Emmaus student is involved in a choir as well. Below is a copy of our curriculum guide. In it you will find two things. First, a grade level approach to our COMET COMMITMENTS, the items we value most here at Emmaus. Secondly, you will find an overview per subject area for each grade level. Students are tested annually each spring using the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. We are frequently asked about how our school compares with the public school and why we take two different tests. See our section on STANDARDIZED TESTING for an explanation about the role that standardized testing plays at Emmaus Lutheran School. As a way for parents to monitor student progress and achievement, Emmaus uses the online grading program, Gradelink. If you have further questions, you are always welcome to make an appointment to come in and meet the teacher, review the curriculum, or observe a classroom.

MATHLETICS and its impact on students–Read the full report of how using Mathletics enhances student learning! See page 17 for specifics to the United States.

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