Comet Commitments

Or what we like to call… THE COMET COMMITMENTS!

1. Students learn and apply Bible truths.
2. Students develop their faith through daily living, devotions, daily
prayer, worship, music and drama.

1. Students read, write, and calculate guided by California and Federal
curriculum standards in the areas of Math, Science, History, Language-
Arts, Fine Arts, and Phisical Wellness.
2. Students develop communication, critical thinking, and problem
solving skills in all curricular areas.

1. Students demonstrate respect and responsibility toward others.
2. Students show leadership, sportsmanship, and cooperation through a
variety of experiences.

1. Students serve others within the school community and the community.
2. Students participate in campus events that reach out to the community.

Emmaus Lutheran School and Preschool

840 South Almansor Street Alhambra, CA 91801

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