Parent Survey Results

Each Year, Emmaus Lutheran Schools surveys the parents to get input about the overall school program.  The results are summarized and evaluated to help improve program, enrichment classes, facilities and staffing.  Emmaus wants to hear from its parents and clientele in order to drive positive change, but also recognizes that it cannot please everyone.  We appreciate the feedback that the survey provides, as it gives a different perspective about the great things that happen at Emmaus Lutheran School.

In addition to the Annual Parent Survey, Emmaus also has a suggestion box, located in the church office (by Ms. Julie’s desk).  Parents are welcomed to leave both positive feedback or constructive cricism in the box.  A Board of School Ministries member checks the box on a regular basis and provides the information to the appropriate people.


As a result of last year’s parent survey (see results below), a few of the highlighted changes are highlighted:
  • Spanish Class was instituted in all grade levels (K-8)
  • A new school wide mobile App was initiated, making it easier for parents to keep current on campus happenings and act as another means of communication with teachers.
  • A new website was initiated, with a user-friendly format.
  • All teachers have new web pages.
  • EDC added extra time for academics, for those who wish to have extra.
  • Tutoring (Homework Help) continues to be part of the after-school enrichment classes.
  • Emmaus continues to review textbooks and supplementary materials for the classes.
  • Emmaus Lutheran Church continues to make upgrades on its campus and the facilities.
    • Last year, the completion of the front parking lot renovation was a major undertaking.
    • New lighting in the parking lot was also completed.
    • Roofs and air conditioning units are being replaced as needed.
    • A new janitorial service was hired to better clean restrooms and classrooms.
  • Hello Kitchen has made some changes to the menu, giving more variety for student lunches.
  • Exploration of Saturday classes is being reviewed for fall 2018.
  • Guitar was added as an enrichment class for fall 2018




Data from the Spring 2017 Parent Survey:



ENROLLMENT K-8: 151 students




  • Highest participation by grade: 1st grade 20%
  • Second highest: 7tth grade 18%


  • Spiritual foundation –           63%
  • Social preparation –              40% strongly agree

                                                           52% agree

  • Academic reputation – 16% strongly agree

                                                           43% agree

                                                           15% neutral

#3 SUBJECT REVIEW – Doing a good job

  • Language arts –                     70 % strongly agree

                                                           21 % agree

  • Mathematics –                         23 % strongly agree

                                                             63 % agree

  • Science –                                  21 % strongly agree

                                                             57 % agree



                                                            57% strongly agree

                                                            31% agree



                                                           27% strongly agree

                                                           55% agree



  • Open communication, easy to talk with teachers

                                                         56% strongly agree

                                                         31% agree

  • Teachers are dedicated to helping students

                                                         52% strongly agree

                                                         46% agree

  • Teachers respond to parent questions and concerns

                                                         54% strongly agree

                                                         40% agree

#7 EDC

  • Emphasis on academic activities

                                                        13% strongly agree

                                                        31% agree

                                                        25% neutral

                                                         9% disagree

                                                         20% N/A


#8 Tutoring availability

                                                         92% Math

                                                         52% Science

                                                         62% Language arts

                                                         10% other


#9 Textbooks and supplemental material current and in good condition

                                                         25% strongly agree

                                                         56% agree


#10 Current technology program

                                                         9% strongly agree

                                                         49% agree

                                                         19% neutral

                                                         13% disagree

                                                         6% strongly disagree

                                                         3% N/A

#11    Pleasing classroom environment

                                                         37% strongly agree

                                                         58% agree

          Facilities well maintained

                                                         33% strongly agree

                                                         48% agree

                                                         12% neutral

                                                          7% disagree


#12 Providing healthy lunches

                                                           57% strongly agree

                                                           25% agree

#13 School priorities match parental priorities

                                                            37% strongly agree

                                                            58% agree

#14 Extracurricular activities (drama, music, chess, art, sports) are important.

                                                            42% strongly agree

                                                            46% agree

#15 Outside activities beyond academics away from school are valued

                                                            73% strongly agree

                                                            25% agree

#16 Parental assistance with homework is important

                                                            31% strongly agree

                                                            45% agree

                                                            12% neutral

                                                            10% disagree

                                                             2% strongly disagree

#17 Satisfaction with standardized testing scores

                                                             22% strongly agree

                                                             42% agree

                                                             18% neutral

#18 Interested in Saturday classes in Math or Language arts

                                                             26% strongly agree

                                                             26% agree

                                                            15% neutral

                                                            17%  disagree

                                                            11% strongly disagree

                                                              6% N/A

#19 Provision of additional resources and study-aids

                                                             19% strongly agree

                                                              43% agree

                                                               24% neutral