The goal for parent hours is to create a community spirit at               

Emmaus Lutheran, allowing parents to take greater ownership          

of the activities, and to provide needed help to create memories for the                         

students of our school.


Emmaus Lutheran School Required Service Hours

The Emmaus Lutheran Board of School Ministries has established a required service hour stipulation as part of each family’s enrollment.  Below outlines the guidelines for this:

A.  Each family will be required to fulfill 10 hours of parent service hours per academic school year.

B.  Each hour must be input by the parent on the Gradelink system in order to receive credit, after approval.  In addition, parents will need to sign the sign-in/sign-out sheet available at every function.

C.  Approval will be given either by the principal or a parent group designee.

D.  Approval will be updated once per month or sooner.

E.  Student helpers are accepted to fulfill service hours, but must be accompanied by a parent. (We will give student’s hours earned in addition to what the parent earns, however, the intent is for parent involvement, not student involvement, and we do not want parents just dropping off students or relying on the student to take care of this adult responsibility).

F.  Parent hours may be accumulated in a variety of ways:

     1.  Assisting with one of the Emmaus Lutheran functions (will be calendared and advanced sign-ups will be available).  SEE LINK BELOW TO SIGN UP FOR EVENTS

     2.  Driving on an outing, sports team event, etc. (Will be verified by coach–no sign in sheet).  No credit for gas.

     3.  Supervising/Chaperoning on a field trip. (Will be verified by the teacher–no sign in sheet).  No credit for gas.

     4.  Providing needed items for a function or the classroom (a list would be provided in advance).  ALL RECEIPTS WILL MAY BE TURNED IN TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE.

     5.  Attending a scheduled work party or providing a cleaning/maintenance service for the school (with direction from the principal/trustees).  Items may include:

          a.  Cleaning tables

          b. Dusting window sills

          c.  Turning wood chips

          d.  Picking up trash

          e.  Cleaning/Dusting of church

     6.  An amount of $20 per hour has been assigned ($200 for all 10 hours).  Receipts must accompany supplies and will be given in 30 minute increments for every full $10  (for example, an item that costs $13 will still count as 30 minutes).

     7.  A mid-year (semester) review will be completed, and a fee will be assessed by the end of January for those hours not completed.

     8.  Parents would still have an opportunity to sign up for an event to fulfill the missing hours, but a deadline for sign ups will be outlined.

     9.  Parents with outstanding/uncommitted hours by May 1 must pay balance due before any records/report card will be distributed at the end of the year.

New opportunities may be added, and you will be notified via push notice and Traveler if that happens.